VGPC Holiday Fundraiser

We've been busy as ever organizing preservation of games on our Discord channel, including the Wii USA fullset wrapping up (including never-before-dumped Brazilian revisions and demos), the PS3 USA set, Xbox World set, a push towards picking up the final PSX and PS2 PAL hard-to-find discs, and of course a constant onslaught of PC and other systems. Not to be forgotten are our efforts on the cartridge front where we're hunting down the final cart revisions. We've forgotten to mention betas, promo discs, press kit discs, and well you name it! In short, 2018 has been an amazing year for video game preservation, but we need help to keep the momentum going...

The reason you should donate: You become part of an elite group of video game preservationists and people will owe you a hearty smile and handshake wherever you go. Video game preservation is a collective effort. We wouldn’t have the dats and sets today if it wasn’t for individuals paying it forward, awesome people like you!

The reason why WE are the right choice for your video game preservation funds: Usage of funds / donations are all openly tracked and accounted for. Curated purchase decisions are made by knowledgeable contributors to preservation projects (Redump and No-Intro primarily), then voted on among the contributing community, resulting in a best usage of funds. Purchases are shipped local to the country and dumped by dumpers there to save shipping costs. When possible, purchases are scanned and resold as well to recycle funds. All data is shared.

Looking forward to 2019, we're setting very realistic and doable goals, most already in progress:
  • Finish Wii PAL set for
  • Finish Sega Dreamcast USA & PAL sets for
  • Continued cartridge preservation for No-Intro.
  • Finish PSP USA and European sets with
  • Fullset of SNES USA manual scans at 800+ dpi raw tiff.
  • Work more closely with to democratize data.
  • Build a website and dat for fallen-through-the-cracks roms like betas-and-such not dumped with Redump standards but need a home.

How you can help:
A donor will be matching donations up to 500$!

We also encourage new people to join and dump for preservation projects, though many people can find this process too tedious, which is why donating often makes more sense / impact.

With your help we can repeat the success of preservation that happened in 2018 again in 2019, join the team!
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