Silence is a virtue

It's been a long time since we updated the blog here, and we wanted to give you a few updates about what's going on, what's in progress, and what our plans are for the future. Without further ado, let's hop in.

The Past

The past year and more has been filled with many changes both within VGPC and across the broader landscape. For the sake of making things easier to talk about, we're going to ignore the broader things that have affected everyone.

VGPC's discord has continued to be a great place to coordinate preservation efforts. Just within this year, we hit over 1000 members! We continue to welcome anyone who wants to talk about games and preservation, especially those who want to help contribute. As always, the invite link can be found here:

The past year has also brought about some changes to the leadership team of VGPC. One of our admins who was very active decided to step down for personal reasons. We wish him the best on his current and future projects. A lot of the other projects that have been mentioned in posts here and in Discord are still going full steam ahead, so look for guest posts on some of those as things arise.

The Present

As of right now, VGPC continues to have tons of spirited discussions, fundraising efforts, and general comradery. Thank you to all of our members, especially those who help welcome new members and get them settled in. Your efforts are highly appreciated and are not unseen.

Some of the projects represented within the membership have also hit some impressive things. Here's a bit of a highlight reel from the larger ones:

  • Redump has over 73k discs in its database, including a massive effort to preserve Japanese-exclusive systems such as the Fujitsu FM-Towns
  • Aaru (formerly DiscImageChef) had v5.1 release over the summer. Check out this awesome preservation program if you haven't already
  • DICUI has continued to get community testing and support, including more support for Aaru. This tool has helped many people get going with preserving optical media and is always looking for more feedback and contributors.
  • VGSC (Video Game Scanning Collective) is still moving along, trying to find every bit of boxart they can. For more information, please join the Discord and check out the #scans_vgsc channel

There are other exciting projects that are still in the works, so hopefully we can get some of the people who have contributed to those to give their insight here.

The Future

So what's next for VGPC? What sort of things are there in the works? Turns out, this is a hard thing to answer. VGPC will be continuing to provide that space for preservation chatter for as long as we can, supporting all of the wonderful projects that are associated.

For this site, we want to start reviving this as a go-to for cross-project news, including getting input from people in those projects. If you know of any projects that should get highlighted or people who would be good to interview, please reach out to us on Discord.

Thank you to everyone who makes VGPC the community that it is. Here's to many more years of preservation and beyond!

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