The Ultimate PlayStation Cheat Disc

One of Video Game Preservation Collective's members is a PlayStation 1 cheat disc hacker among other incredible qualities. krHACKen maintains a master cheat disc compiling all known cheat discs, codes, and apps released - dubbed Cheat Engine Compilation. Here are screenshots of the latest build's menu to see the cheat disc selection:

Here's a crash course on how to put this to use on a PlayStation 1 system (not for use with emulators):
  1. Burn the Cheat Engine Compilation disc image to a CD-R and put the disc into your system.
  2. Select one of the cheat engines from the menu. It's a good idea to check to see which cheat engine has the codes for the game you want to play, so you're selecting the appropriate one for your game.
  3. Remove Cheat Engine Compilation CD-R from your PlayStation console.
  4. Insert a PlayStation 1 game, now you have access to the cheats.

The compilation includes a couple bonus extras:

  • X-Flash, an old homebrew software which reflashes cheat cartridges (for the PIO port, on the back of pre-9K PS1 consoles).
  • Equalizer HAXtreme and GameGenuius mod. Two heavily hacked cheat softwares that load user code list from the CD. The hacks allow big code list, much larger than they originally supported.

krHACKen keeps his cheat engine up to date as possible, although the text lists are sometimes a little ahead of the Cheat Engine Compilation download. If you don't want to wait until the latest text files are rebuilt into the next version of Cheat Engine compilation, you can compile the TXT files to binaries and inject them in the disc image before burning. There are instructions in the archive, with Windows tools. All links below have the latest builds as they are replaced at the same URL:

In addition, original untouched cheat discs are preserved with the database.
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