Silence is a virtue Silence is a virtue Reviewed by VGPC Directors on 11:49 AM Rating: 5
Celebrating 60k Discs at Celebrating 60k Discs at Reviewed by VGPC Directors on 12:08 AM Rating: 5
Your Donations are Helping, thank you! Your Donations are Helping, thank you! Reviewed by VGPC Directors on 11:43 AM Rating: 5

VGPC Holiday Fundraiser

11:13 PM
We've been busy as ever organizing preservation of games on our Discord channel, including the Wii USA fullset wrapping up (including...
VGPC Holiday Fundraiser VGPC Holiday Fundraiser Reviewed by Dizzzy on 11:13 PM Rating: 5

Gran Turismo demos

3:47 PM
Gran Turismo series is a racing series with a hardcore fan following. The series features real models of cars on the digital racetrack, from...
Gran Turismo demos Gran Turismo demos Reviewed by Dizzzy on 3:47 PM Rating: 5

VGPC Launches Patreon

5:27 PM
While we have been rather quiet on the posts front lately (other than some awesome scanning guides), we have been busy moving at a breakneck...
VGPC Launches Patreon VGPC Launches Patreon Reviewed by Dizzzy on 5:27 PM Rating: 5
TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (Preproduction) TimeSplitters: Future Perfect (Preproduction) Reviewed by Dizzzy on 11:15 PM Rating: 5
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