VGPC Launches Patreon

While we have been rather quiet on the posts front lately (other than some awesome scanning guides), we have been busy moving at a breakneck pace preserving games with our ever expanding worldwide network of preservationists.

Often the sticking point to progress is too few people putting in too much cash (until they run out). This dumper-funds burnout cycle often results in us passing up prime eBay listings at great prices.

As a result, we're reaching out to those who want to make a difference, but don't necessarily want to get their hands dirty in the hunting (crawling through pages of miss lists and eBay postings) and dumping process (which some of us find therapeutic, and others find frustrating).

The VGPC Patreon has arrived for those who wish to join the preservation legends by offering support funding.

(Click the Angel to see what happens!!)
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