Your Donations are Helping, thank you!

I wanted to give everyone who was kind enough to donate a quick THANKS and update.

We're collaborating with as well as TOSEC's Maddog to get more Dreamcast games datted. In addition to already securing and dumping some rare Dreamcast discs, one of our Discord members is loaning us a fullset of USA games to dump.

We also have our first monthly Silver Sponsor who is donating money to be earmarked for Sega Saturn and Mega CD purchases. Since the USA miss lists of those consoles are not-so-far off for redump, we will be collaborating with them to finish them off.

Due to my schedule, you should start seeing the progress flowing into the Redump/TOSEC databases by end of February, when we hope to have most if not all of our donations spent with the purposes of doing what we do best - preserving games.

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