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One aspect of gaming preservation that can sometimes get sidetracked or even forgotten about is development discs. These hard-to-find, often very expensive discs can slip through the cracks of time without getting the proper archiving they deserve. Today, friend psx-collector was able to dump three of these discs from the PlayStation library.

DTL-D2340, DTL-S2190, DTL-S2340.

The discs seem to hail straight from Sony's headquarters in Japan so are classed as "Japanese" releases although a world region might be more appropriate, especially considering the vast majority of text on them is in English (at least a first glance through the files).

The discs have PC software on them, but also include PSX test files. DTL-S2190 even has a PSX bootfile in the root so I class that one as a "PSX" disc and the others as "PC Discs". Here are some screengrabs of the menu and physics tests from DTL-S2190:

These three discs will join a handful of other PSX development discs preserved at
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