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Assuming you don't want to send your games/demos/etc in for donation for others to dump, you may wish to try to dump games yourself. If you're particularly technically minded and are willing to follow the rules of a particular preservation group, you can be a huge help to preserving video games. We have a Discord chat here to guide you into an appropriate project, or you can use the cheat sheet below.

Disc-based Systems:
The processes of dumping disc based systems vary in difficulty from relatively simple (like PlayStation 2 discs) to more complex (like Sega Dreamcast). offers open registration, and many detailed dumping guides. Newer consoles are visible only to contributors. Miss lists are here, but incomplete for some systems (it's best to search for a title or serial number in redump to be sure).

Cartridge-based Systems:
These systems are well covered at the No-Intro group. Dumping guides are here. Submit dumps via their forum. Miss lists are being maintained here.

Floppy Disks:
Floppy disk preservation projects are a bit of a runaround. Here's a general dumping guide.
  • The Good Old Days specializes in preservation of floppy disks from IBM PC, PC/DOS, MS-DOS, Windows systems. TGOD roms are disk images (as opposed to just copying files over) and are therefore the highest quality open floppy disk preservation project. Kyroflux hardware is recommended for dumping (but NOT required). Contact them via their forum to help out. Their list of dumped games is here.
  • MAME also archives floppy disks, and any new additions can be emailed to them. Finding a publicly viewable list of their games requires going into their .dat however.
  • Total DOS Collection (TDC) is another floppy project. This project just copies files from floppy disks (as opposed to making more accurate disk images). TDC is not recommended overall compared to TGOD for quality reasons.

Dumping arcade games is going to require specialized hardware. Due to the complexity of this process it is recommended only for the technically brilliant.
  • Start here to see a basic overview of what's involved.
  • Observe CAPS0ff blog.
  • View Hackday's instructive site.
  • Finally, you'll get in touch with the MAME community via their unofficial forum MAMEWorld.
  • You might find that the best way to help afterall is by donating to The Dumping Union fund.

Digital / eShop

VGPC has a high-quality home grown raw scanning project organized via our Discord scans channel. Scan with this guide, and upload directly to
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