SCEA Gamers Day 2002: Press Info

Press Kits tend to get more releases in Europe for some reason. There are no shortage of Promo discs, Press Kits, Review Discs, and other goodies that press gets bribed with (then resells for a healthy sum) on This is perhaps the only decidedly American press disc I can recall seeing anytime recently.

Being specifically Sony-branded, I had hoped for more PlayStation promotional images, but there were a few goodies none-the-less.

Among the goodies are exec bios and pictures. Looking good Kaz!

There are high quality .tif promo pics of peripherals. Gotta say I love seeing these, it's a flash back in time to see what they looked like brand new and shiny on the shelves years and years ago. But I don't miss analog video not one bit.

A few .eps. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for sweet sweet vector graphics.

High quality game logos for a dozen or so games. This one was a psd with an alpha background, now you too can have one of the worst logos of all time in high quality!

Also, as very very common with press discs, there is high quality cover art.

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