E3 2003 Press Information (Sony Press disc)

15 years ago at E3, Sony released a press disc promoting PS1 and PS2 hardware and software titles. The disc boots up an .exe with a menu to navigate through all the files present on the disc. Images, press releases etc.

The disc has some PS One assets on here, as the console more than less superceded the PS1 as the legacy console for sale, while the PS2 was the shiny new console taking over.

This is why all men need purses. A promotional image.

A remote control you can play your games on! Can't have too many buttons afterall. Here we see one of several PS2 hardware promo pics, of which there are least a few overlapping content from SCEA Gamers Day 2002: Press Info.

Software titles feature a grab bag of goodies, some titles skimp, others more generous. We see lots of screenshots (which no one cares about), some production art, and when we're lucky some .psd and .eps files.

What looks like some bizarre furry fanfic pic is actually Neopets concept art (apparently).

The file name tells me this nice young lady's name is Yuna, but I don't actually have time to play games, so I'll just have to take the .jpg's word on that.

Unlimited Saga concept art.

A beautiful looking high quality logo.

Lucky us, an excellent photo of a happy younger Kaz.

Patrollin'. You're not a real hardcore PS2 collector until you own one of these rigs.

There are other goodies to be found on this disc. It is jam-packed with more tidbits, but I figured I may as well leave something for others to discover.

The disc image is available for download and exploration on archive.org
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