PlayStation 2: Online Beta Trial discs - Part 2

Not so long ago I wrote about snagging some of the PS2 Online Beta Trial discs. Like any hard-to-find unusual looking discs, they tend to sell for a good chunk of change... despite no longer being able to play these discs because of an online requirement. However, I was able to pick up 5 more from the same seller as the first 7 for a pretty fair price, so here they are!

  • Everybody's Golf 4 [TCES-52582]
  • Forumla One 05 [TCES-53033]
  • This is Football 2005 [TCES-52426]
  • WRC 5 WT (aka WRC: Rally Evolved) [TCES-53247]
  • WWE: Smackdown Vs Raw [TLES-52781]

VGPC has yet to receive these discs in the mail, but funny enough the same day they were bought... another preservationist emuLOAD submitted a batch of Online Beta Trial discs to My two batches and his one batch have a little bit of overlap, but there are four more missings he crossed off:

  • Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain [TCES-52033]
  • S.L.A.I. Phantom Crash [TLES-52940]
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5 [TLES-53544] - not pictured, instead an extra copy of WRC 5 WT is posted for some reason.
The last one on the list is a new discovery in the series - well previously unknown to me at least. Friend and fellow collector hellomachine shared a link with me with more Online Beta Trial info, which includes an image of a box for the SOCOM release. In addition, hellomachine shared with me a link on the official forums with some chit-chat from original members of the Online Beta Trial program.

The above discs are being properly preserved and will soon make their way out into the wild :)

That shrinks the Online Beta Trial miss list down quite a bit more, leaving the following missing:
  • Destruction Derby Arena Demos (green/turquoise disc with silver lettering) [SCES-50781/1.00/Beta]
  • Fire Warrior ("Pre-Production", white lettering on a silver background) [SLES-50958/0.02]
  • Hardware Online Arena Beta (pink label) [SCES-51593/0.01]
  • Jak X [TCES-53286]
  • Killzone [TCES-52004]
  • Metal Gear Solid Subsistence [TLES-82043]
  • Mirage (video streaming software) [TCES-10001]
  • Ratchet and Clank 3 [TCES-52456]
  • SOCOM US Navy Seals Beta (online Game Only, network adaptor and headset - white disc with orange text and a SOCOM logo at the top) [SCES-50928/B1]
  • SOCOM II: US Navy Seal (orange text) [TCES-51904/1]
  • Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow [TLES-52149]
  • Twisted Metal Black Online (silver disc with black lettering) [SCES-51480/A5#]
  • World Rally Championship 4 [TCES-52389]
If you have one of these discs - and would be willing to make a perfect disc image for preservation, please reach out to me on the Contact page at the top of this website.
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