A Tale of Twin Demos

Collecting PSX USA demos can be a tricky thing, there are many of them - and at least several dozen of them are rare. Unlike PAL region PSX demos, rarity comes at a high price. Fortunately I was able to get these at a good enough deal and can probably flip them at a couple dollars profit.

So what makes these rare demos particular? Despite the different look, they have the exact same content. The titles are: Psygnosis '98 Interactive Demo/s [SLUS-90037] and Colony Wars: Vengeance [SLUS-90037A]. Checksums have matched, four demos by Psygnosis.

Playable demos include:
  • Colony Wars: Vengeance
  • Lemmings & Oh No More Lemmings
  • O.D.T.
  • Psybadek

Now that both demos are dumped, the verify variant will be added to redump.org as well soon.

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