Best disc dumping software Disc Image Creator now has a GUI!

Disc Image Creator is an incredibly accurate disc dumping app created by sarami, which to allow perfect dumps for many types of CD-Rom discs (among supporting other formats). An ancient format, CD-Rom has many specs and subspecs that can make perfect disc dumps very difficult (challenges ranging from correcting red book audio write offset, to difficult DRM).

Recently, ReignStumble took on the duty to GUI for DIC and Aaru dubbed "Media Preservation Frontend (MPF)", and it is performing well, with support for all standard CD-Rom formats (including PSX from dump through libcrypt output, and Windows games with DRM), as well as DVD-Roms. This contribution has been extremely helpful to many users, and for that reason we give our gratitude to ReignStumble for seeing this UI through to 1.0 - *tips fedora*.

To keep it simple, you select the console disc type, Give the Output Filenames a name, and set an output directory (or leave to default if you wish). Drive Letter will populate with only available drives, and Drive Speed has many common maximum speeds, as well as a Custom field for entering any disc speed value.

DOWNLOAD HERE , ready to use.
Note: You may get a virus warning, this is common for apps that required DIC's drive access permissions.

Here's a list of features that are proposed to be added to future revision of DIC GUI:
  • Output a new text file with pertinent information pertaining to the specific console for easy submission.
  • An incorporation of the separate CLI progress info into a bottom area of the GUI (similar to DVD Decrypter).
  • A "Stop" GUI button to abort dumping.
  • Auto-report maximum read speeds to "Disc Speed" selector (as discussed here).
  • Dreamcast dumping.
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