Game Wave by ZAPiT Games

With the innovation of DVD discs came a series of consoles that utilized the technology from Sony PlayStation, Nuon, to ZAPiT Games' GameWave system. Wikipedia has an article about the system but the jist is that it's a family friendly console with remotes as controllers (sound familiar?)

The entirety of the set was swept up by preservationist ajshell1 and dumped. Previously Trurip has preserved this set, however it was discovered one of the roms was giving mismatching checksums...

"Rewind" was the mismatch. With a little luck and $7 later I had the the variant in my hand.

Thus concludes the story of preserving the Game Wave system.
Game Wave by ZAPiT Games Game Wave by ZAPiT Games Reviewed by Dizzzy on 2:22 PM Rating: 5

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