To Joseph Redon and the Game Preservation Society

As the new admins of the Video Game Preservation Collective, we offer our apologies for the behavior of the former administrator of our group who, on 12 May, 2019, used their position to condemn and attack the efforts and philosophy of the Game Preservation Society. Their behavior was completely inappropriate and at odds not only with our own stated mission, but of the larger community of groups and people who work tirelessly to preserve this cultural medium.

We would also like to apologize for the fact that we did not speak up and publicly condemn the prior administrator’s statements and behavior as they occurred. Our concerns ran to further fracturing the community and sowing additional chaos. Instead, the explicitly right thing to do would have been to publicly express our condemnation of these actions and offer our support for both Joseph and the GPS. We were remiss in not doing so.

To Joseph Redon and the GPS, we give our most heartfelt and humblest apologies for the words and deeds of the prior administration of the VGPC, and that we did not publicly support you when the moment called for it. Beyond this, we offer our sincerest promise that we will take the lessons learned from this situation and never forget that as individuals, we are nowhere near as strong nor productive as when we work together, even when we perhaps disagree.

It goes without saying that Joseph and the GPS are valued contributors, collaborators, and a treasured resource to the cause. We promise that this will not be forgotten again.
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