Scanning RAW Images with VueScan

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Scanning RAW Images with VueScan

Open up VueScan and make sure to set the Input tab with the following settings. Also below is a screenshot of how it might look (Options differ depending on scanner model used) -
    • Options: Professional
    • Task: Profile Scanner
    • Bits per pixel: 48 bit RGB
    • Scan resolution: Custom
    • Scan dpi: 800 for Epson brand scanners, 900 for Canon brand scanners.
    • Source: Make sure your scanner is visible / selected.

Next ensure the "Crop" tab is set to "Crop size: Auto".

Finally in the "Output" tab make the following changes:
    • Uncheck "PDF file".
    • Check "Raw file".
    • Tiff file type: "48 bit RGB"
    • Raw output with: "Scan"
  1. In the upper left app menu choose "File" > "Save Settings".
  2. In the bottom left of the app choose "Preview" to see your scan, at least for me usually this doesn't look like my final output, not sure if it's a Vuescan bug or what but don't worry if the preview looks off, go ahead and draw your cropping box around your image and select the Scan button. If your output looks like a dark RAW images you're likely good to go!
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