Video Game Preservation Scanning Guides

Purchasing Hardware:
If you don't already own a scanner, then you should buy the Epson Perfection v550 (170$ on Amazon) as a tried-and-true high quality scanner. Another scanner often mentioned in the same breath is the Epson Perfection v600, however it doesn't offer any useful features or benefits for our purposes.

Beginner's Guides for Finished Look:
The purpose of these guides is a quick-and-easy way to get high quality pretty images that leaves post-color adjustment optional. These guides are the least accurate in terms of color-representation.

Guide for RAW Scanning (without Calibration):
The purpose of these guides are to get RAW data scans, which aren't pretty to look at, but are EXCELLENT for getting great color with some post-editing. If you plan to submit scans to Kirkland's project (and calibration isn't feasible), use these settings.

Expert's Guides to High Quality Scanning:
The absolute best way to scan, this method has a learning curve. If it proves too difficult for you, the above guides will provide perfectly usable high-quality scans - so use one of those.
  1. Calibrating your Scanner (three app options):
  2. QC Testing your Calibration
  3. Scanning: Use the same settings as in the Calibration Guides (basically just don't change anything).
  4. Applying Calibrated Profile to your Scan, Basic Editing, and Export
Great, now what do I do with my scans?
Upload to with a good description. There is no centralized database for full quality scans and is a tried and true way to preserve data. Sign up for an account (it's easy), and upload your scans!

Looking ahead, the .avif image format is right around the corner from release. Based on the AV1 spec, it is very likely this format will see mass adoption eventually - perhaps on the same scale of jpg. What makes avif so special otherwise is that it supports 48bit lossy (but VERY high quality) at a size reduction of 20:1 versus source tiff. In the future we may very well add a final step of converting tiff to avif. Don't let this stop you from scanning, .tiff is a lossless format, so conversion will not result in any quality loss whatsoever.

Tutorials by Kirkland, dizzzy, Hubz.
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