Scanning RAW (Uncalibrated) with Canon-brand Scanners

Note: This is part of a series of Scanning Guides. Start HERE.

First off, this guide is for  high quality scanning based off my experience with a Canoscan 9000F Mark II. This may or may not be able to be applied to other Canon scanners. Though it could be similar.


If you're unable to use Vuescan or just don't want to then you'll need to install the Canoscan software that came with your scanner. This should include software called "ScanGear" or "Canon IJ Scan Utility. When opened it will look like this -

You'll want to click the ScanGear button on the right side to get started. You'll be presented with a screen similar to this -

 To get a clean untouched RAW scan at the best quality we're going to need to adjust settings. So first off click the Advanced Mode tab along the top if you're not in that mode already. Next click the Preferences button along the bottom of the screen. You'll then need to go to the Scan tab of the preferences window. From there make sure Enabled 48/16 bit Output is checked. See this picture with the highlighted section -

Next you'll click the Color Settings tab and mark the None bubble and adjust the Monitor Gamma setting to 1.00. See highlighted picture below -

Click OK and you'll be back at the scanning screen. We'll need to make some more adjustments here but it should remember them from here on and you'll be ready to scan! First off drop the Color Mode option and ensure it is set for Color(48bit). Next set your output resolution for at least 900dpi. Lastly make sure all Image Settings are turned off or set to None. See the pic below with the highlighted sections to see what all you should change.

Now you are ready to scan in your items in high enough quality for our project with your Canoscan 9000F Mark II.

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