Calibration for Scanning with Canon IJ Scan Utility

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What you'll need:
  1. A computer: Windows or macOS.
  2. An IT8 Color Card (choose "R1" option). Download the .it8 file for it as well from the same webpage, you can find the right zip to download by looking for the "Charge" number on your card (example: R131209) and searching for that number on the website. Unzip the download and put it somewhere on your computer that won't be deleted (it's a permanent file for use with scanning - I put mine in Documents > Scanner Settings folder).
  3. Install Canon IJ Scan Utility scanning software. (Windows and macOS, compatible).
Calibration should be a one-time process for initial setup.

Calibrating Canon Scanners with Canon Software

  • Turn on your scanner and align your Color Card along the edge of your scanner (you want to scan with it perfectly straight, without rotation).
  • Open the app:

  • Next we click ScanGear to get our scan of the IT8 card.

  • It's important to click the advanced tab and then go to preferences.
    • Under preferences they'll need to go to the scan tab. and make sure to check enable 48/16 bit output.
    • Next we'll go to the color settings tab and set it to None and Monitor Gamma at 1.00 (very important)
    • They'll then click OK after making those changes and go back out to the main scanning screen. They'll need to make sure the highlighted sections are set like this

  • Nice thing is it will remember this settings from here on out unless they are changed manually. We're basically telling the software to scan at 48 bit, 900 dpi, and no image processing.
  • Then draw your box around what you want to scan (which is the card) and hit scan.
  • Okay now we have our RAW scan of the IT8 card.
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